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Jamaica Farewell: Tamara Thomas Bids Goodbye with Stolen From Africa

Tamara Thomas (photos by Sabriya Simon)

Tamara Thomas has had a circuitous route to a life of dance, but now, she sees it as her purpose. While loving dance since childhood, it was only much later in life, after attending Cornell University, that she began to seriously consider dance as her calling.

Colour Me: Vibrant and Inventive!

Quilt - Colour Me

If you haven't yet donated to Go Fund Me campaign to get The Quilt performing arts company to the 2014 Contacting the World Festival, it's about time you did!

Shining a Light Through the Decay: KOTE and The Ward Theatre

Cat Coore, Kerry-Ann Henry, Luis Felipe Bellorin, Randy McClaren and Jean Small

The 2014 staging of Kingston on the Edge (KOTE), a nine-day event spread across 22 venues and featuring 26 events, is currently underway.

L'Acadco Heads to One Love Festival in Japan

L'Acadco A Caribbean Dance Force heads to One Love Festival

L'Acadco A Caribbean Dance Force is getting ready to participate in the 2014 staging of Japan's One Love Reggae Festival.

Blogs and Mirrors: A Flawed Reflection

Michael Holgate's Blogs and Mirrors

Michael Holgate’s musical Blogs and Mirrors, produced by the University Players is an almost fairytale, a modern day retelling of Snow White.  There is much that is smartly done about Blogs and Mirrors and the play is occasionally quite funny, displaying a good s

Ladies of the Night Is The Actor Boy Awards' Best Production 2013

Patrick Brown's Ladies of the Night dubbed Best Production 2013

The oldest profession in the world came out on top as the metaphorical curtains came down on the Actor Boy Awards ceremony for 2013. Patrick Brown’s Ladies of the Night sashayed home with the top trophy having been crowned the Best Production of the year.

Hilarious! - Patrick Brown's If There's A Will, There's A Wife

Patrick Brown's If There's A Will There's A Wife

For many reasons, Patrick Brown’s If There’s A Will There’s A Wife shouldn’t be a refreshingly funny play. But it is. Actually, it is downright you-might-just-hurt-yourself-from-laughing funny.

Vigil For Roxie Paints a Funny Yet Poignant Picture

Carol Lawes in Vigil for Roxie

“It hot but hush,” This is what Stacey tells her son to comfort his hunger and their precarious living conditions. But in many ways its the message behind the play Vigil for Roxie. Life in Jamaica is painful but hush.

Jambiz International Cops 19 Nominations in the Actor Boy Awards 2013

Patrick Brown's Ladies of the Night

Jambiz International Productions has emerged as the titan’s of the 2013 theatre scene copping a total of 19 nominations for their two plays Ladies of the Night and If There’s a Will There’s a Wife in the recently announced Actor Boy Awards Nominations.

Basil Dawkins' My God Don't Wear Pajamas

Hilary Nicholson and Jean Paul Menou in Basil Dawkin's My God Don't Wear Pajamas

My God Don’t Wear Pajamas. The moment I heard the name of Basil Dawkin’s latest play, I was intrigued. It was an interesting turn of phrase that I hoped would lead to an inventive and original drama.