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Comedytainment First Anniversary of Music and Laughter

Dufton host of Comedytainment Anniversary Edition

The Comedytainment series celebrated its first year on the Jamaican entertainment circuit  with a fun-filled night of music and laughter, that lit up the Spartan Courtyard by pulling back together comedians and musicians who had appeared on the show throughout the year. The evening was hosted by Dufton, stepping into the shoes of the regular series host, Jerry Benzwick.

Dufton has been steadily making his chops as a comedian and proved that he is also adept at hosting. Between sets he kept the audience duly entertained as well as manned the numerous give-aways that were a part of the night.
Donald Anderson and a member of the audience
Donald ‘Ice Man’ Anderson was on fire for much of his set. He delved into church and his mother’s form of discipline before turning his attentions to dancehall where poked fun at the stylistics of some of the top DJs including Mavado, Gyptian and Capleton whom Anderson spoofed to hilarious effect. From there he hopped across the Atlantic Ocean to tackle the famed selfie and the even more infamous fake interpreter.

And though he had just a few minutes before turned his comedic skills on DJs, he took his turn at the microphone to shine some of the light on his own musical aspirations, and though they are decent, they are no where as stirring as his comedy. But toward the end, he combined both his musical an theatrical skills in a medley of songs from the 1980s and 1990s, and delighted the audience as he delivered a decent imitation of each singer.Audience Participation is a key part of the Comedytainment experience

On the musical side, the Comedytainment first anniversary also served up the energetic Silver Bird Steel Orchestra. The band opened by stepping knee deep into the Michael Jackson catalogue. From there they unleashed some ‘cool and deadly’ rhythms with Reggae hits such as ‘Bam Bam’ (the 1990s rendition), ‘Murder She Wrote’ and ‘Iron, Lion, Zion’.

And even after the close to their set, it was not yet time for Silver Bird to leave the stage  as they provided back up for Professor Nuts and his delivery of comedy via music. When he arrived on the stage, Professor Nuts tested the skills of the Orchestra and found they were able to provide the reggae riffs he would need.
Professor Nuts
Professor Nuts opened his set with ‘Nuff Man Deh Yah’ one of the popular comedic dancehall hits from his repertoire. He then delivered ‘Nuff Man Deh Yah’ followed by ‘Inna Di Bus’, or rather, he and the audience delivered the song as the Professor and the delighted patrons sang alternating lines, attesting to the song’s lasting popularity. Professor Nuts then delivered the popular sketch from the song ‘Tan So Back’ which had the audience dissolving into laughter as the coward protagonist ensures the continuity of his sound bones at the expense of his girlfriend.

Dwight Samuels followed showing that his comedic chops had improved even since his last appearance on the Comedytainment series. Samuels opened with his stint in the United States remarking that he had accepted the job to appear on the show because he couldn’t afford the fare back to Jamaica. He ended his set with his own attempts at being a comedic DJ which wasn’t a bad turn at all.

Christopher ‘Johnny’ Daley, was the penultimate comedian of the night. Daley brought the evening’s entertainment to below the belt buckle focusing much of his attention on the workings of his bowels. He then segued to Tessanne Chin and her appearance on NBC’s hit television reality TV series The Voice and he offered to be the singer’s ‘ghetto advisor’.
The energetic Silver Bird Steel Orchestra
Daley then hopped across the Caribbean Sea to tackle the latest contention between Trinidad and Jamaica to hilarious effect. And though that should have been his closing piece, he was called back for an encore.

As the remains of the crowd streamed from the Courtyard, Mad Anju was called to the stage. He was clearly later than intended and as his music had not been cued he had to begin his set a cappella. However, by then, it was the frayed end of a long night, and though a few remained, most of the audience had already taken their cue to depart.

The December edition of Comedytainment took place at the Courtyard of the Spartan Health Club, Kingston on Saturday, December 14, 2013. If the turn out and level of entertainment provided on the first anniversary is anything to go by, Comedytaiment’s position on the Jamaican entertainment calendar is secure.

NOTE: Corrections made on Dec 23, 2013 - Hummingbird Steel Orchestra replaced with Silver Bird Steel Orchestra