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Patrick Brown Returns to School with Saving Alligator High

Saving Alligator High

Award-winning playwright Patrick Brown is returning to the education system with the Jambiz International upcoming comedy Saving Alligator High. Despite the hackneyed name of the production, producers are promising that Saving Alligator High will be another “laugh-a-minute” play and will also shine much needed attention on Jamaica’s education system and the ills that plague it. 

Saving Alligator High takes place in the staff room of a grossly under-performing secondary school and the failures in the system come out through the members of staff. According to Brown, the production may be a comedy and the school is imaginary, but the underlying issues are firmly based in reality.

“The school may be imaginary, but the issues are real, believe me,” said Brown, who has previously delved into the classroom with Class of ’73Saving Alligator High also tackles the fear created by innercity dons and how this impacts on the school system. Even so, it ends on a note of hope for a brighter future.

The production features the cast of Jambiz regulars. The cast is led by Actor Boy Award winner Glen ‘Titus’ Campbell (as Jeff Jones) and Camille Davis (Bev Beckford), and is rounded out by Sharee Elise (as Sonya Lee), Courtney Wilson (as Fox Bell) and Sakina Deer (as Tami Turnbull). The production will also feature the newcomer (at least to Jambiz) David Crosgill as Shotty Shotty Sean.

Saving Alligator High will be directed by Patrick Brown and Trevor Nairne and opens at the Centerstage Theatre, New Kingston on Boxing Day, Friday, December 26, 2014.