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Oliver Samuels Delivers 'Straight Talk' to Alpha Boys

Oliver Samuels

Veteran actor of the screen and stage Oliver Samuels delivered the inaugural Straight Talk at the Alpha Boys School, Kingston, last Friday morning (January 11).  Samuels gave a short performance for the boys before launching into a motivational speech after which he fielded questions from students and staff alike as he spoke about his career, his favourite roles and his road to acting.

"All you need to do, in order to become what you want to be is work and work toward it," Samuels told the students. He urged that with patience, respect, discipline and believing in ones self are the tools for success. He explained that people used to tell him that he could not sing and so he took up the challenge and went to Fab Five to record a song. The result was the local hit 'Oliver You Large'.

"I'd be a sing-jay, and it mightn’t be a song but it's something I wrote," he said laughingly.  "It's the pride u take in self that will go beyond self and affect others"

Samuels also revealed that it was his first time at the cinema which sparked his love for the movies. He delivered the anecdote of his first time at the movies and how he was so caught up in what was taking place on the screen and the sound that he thought it was real and assumed that he would see evidence of all the rain in the film outside. Of course when he reached outside, he did not.
"It funny though ehh, look how the whole heap a rain did a fall and outside it dry dry dry," revealed that he said to his brother who had accompanied him to the film. His comment brought him much brotherly derision, but Samuels was so impressed by how the movies had “fooled him” he wanted to be able to do the same. His love for acting was further cultivated through through village and church penny concerts and finally honed at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts (then the Cultural Training Centre).

When asked about his first time on the stage Samuels admitted to extreme nervousness.
"I nervous, a nervous, a nervous so tell," he told the amused students. He also explained that it is a state that never goes away.  "My fear is that one day I will go on stage and I will open my mouth and I will have no voice" he revealed.

Straight Talk is organized by The Charles Hyatt Foundation, and is a series of monthly motivational interactions which will take place at the Alpha Boys School. Charles Hyatt Jr explained that it was the foundation's way of demonstrating their willingness to support aspirants of the performing arts.