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Karl Williams Play Joins New York Summer Reading Series

Jamaican playwright Karl Williams in Culture Project Summer Reading Series

Jamaican actor and playwright Karl Williams is included in the 2015 Summer Reading Series staged by the Culture Project. The 2015 edition of the Reading Series runs from July 27, 2015 through to August 9, during which 13 new plays will be introduced through staged readings to audiences at the Lynn Redgrave Theatre in New York.

The Culture Project focuses on well-conceived drams with urgent moral dilemmas in an attempt to incited conversations and political action. The Culture Project is therefore particularly interested in providing a space for marginalized voices to be heard. 

Williams’ play The Boys on the Hill explores the experiences of two young men in Jamaica’s gay and transgender community, who after narrowly escaping death attempt to forge a better life for themselves among the country’s elite. 

Boys on the Hill will be read on Friday, July 31, 2015 at 7:00 pm. 

The series opens with Ashley Marinaccio’s exploration of conflict set in 2006 Beirut with There Are No Camels in Beirut. The week of readings will also feature Lori Fischer’s The Displaced, which exposes the ugly side of the oil business when it comes up against the environment and indigenous communities. Maria Norman’s ¡English Only! brings the stories of spanish speaking migrants trying to make it among America’s rich in Southampton while Pamela Sinha’s Happy Place examines the courage, compassion and humour of seven women living together.

The readings resume on Sunday, August 2 with stories of friendship. Mimi Seton’s Crones (on Sunday) presents two New Yorkers who were once best friends in college and are now reunited in their 60s. Piper Werle’s Still Friends which reunites three college friends and tests whether their friendship can overcome a dirty history.

C.S. Hanson’s I Could Never Live Here, a story of guilt, inheritance and unexpected discoveries will be read on Wednesday, August 5, while Michael Domitrovich’s Lotus Feet will take to the stage on Thursday night. 

Three readings on Saturday and Sunday will close the series. Julia Blauvalt and Madeline Barr’s Three which presents a collage of trios pulled from Chekov’s Three Sisters, Shakespear’s King Lear and Macbeth, The Brady Bunch and the Kardashians. Sunday will feature two readings. Tyler Kane’s Room for Three will be read at 8:00 pm while Trish Harnetiaux’s Weren’t You in My Science Class? will close the series.