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The Grogge Shoppe Gets Theatrical With Rhyme and Lyme

Sabrena McDonald in Anancy Chaptaz: Gold Rush

The Grogge Shoppe at Devon House, Kingston, is about to take a turn for the theatrical when The Independent Actor’s Movement (IAM) introduces a new monthly live show being dubbed Rhyme and Lyme. The show is promising a diverse combination of theatre, poetry and music.

Damion Radcliffe of the IAM (producers of The Anancy Chaptaz) explained the Rhyme and Lyme is intended to provide another avenue for self expression. The show is slate for every last Monday of the month. Radcliffe explained that Rhyme and Lyme will be heavily related to the theatrical. The three hour show will open with a open mic segment but will have special guests each week.

According to the writer and director the Grogge Shoppe creates the right combination of attributes that they want as the background to the show.

Damion Radcliffe of the Independent Actor's Movement“The Grogge has an intimate atmosphere that invites you to come in and enjoy under a big tree surrounded by bricks,” Radcliffe said. The Grogge Shoppe is a part of the historical site and currently houses a bar and restaurant, and in the past has been home to live music performances.

The opening show will include performances by poet Mel Cooke, founding member of the IAM Sabrena McDonald, and dancehall artist Dario. Rhyme and Lyme is expected to show different elements or styles by the performer. Using McDonald to illustrate his point, Radcliffe explained that although she is known for her skills as a writer and performer, this performance will also showcase her poetry. Similarly, Dario will be exploring an acoustic performance which, given his genre may prove interesting.

Rhyme and Lyme intends to increase the diversity of the personalities it features as the show grows, Radcliffe explained.  He said that it will be open to varied artistic personalities including writers and directors who can talk about and show case their work. He noted that although Rhyme and Lyme is an IAM event, and will feature their members, it will not be restricted to people from the performance group.

“We’re going to make Monday the new Friday,” Radcliffe said.

The inaugural staging of Rhyme and Lyme will take place on Monday, April 29, 2013 at 7:00pm.