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Wilmer Wilson IV

Lagan Opens at NLS

Lagan featuring new works by Wilmer Wilson IV opened at NLS on Aug 10

The term lagan refers to cargo thrown into the sea with expectations of retrieval. Borrowing from that concept, interdisciplinary artist Wilmer Wilson IV has been exploring Kingston’s flotsam and jetsam, not from the sea, but rather the sea of flyers to be found across the city.

Wilmer Wilson Creates A Window Into Two Cities

Wilmer Wilson IV

For some, a party flyer is nothing more than a bothersome nuisance cluttering windscreens as they vie for the attention of potential patrons. However, for Wilmer Wilson IV, they provide a window into a city.

NLS Presents 'Lagan' with Wilmer Wilson IV

Lagan - a solo exhibition by Wlimer Wilson IV

In a contemporary exploration of the age old adage one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure, the New Local Space (NLS) will be presenting a visual reading of Kingston and Washington DC through its “submerged cargo”, its discarded elements.