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Stella Maris Dance Ensemble

Stella Maris Dance Ensemble Present Energetic and Diverse 20th Season

The Stella Maris Ensemble's 20th Season of Dance

The Stella Maris Dance Ensemble’s 20th Season of Dance was a mature, diverse and entertaining showcase, presenting a testament in movement to the maturity of the group and its members.

Stella Maris Dance Ensemble Celebrates 20 Years

Stella Maris from their 2012 Season of Dance

The Stella Maris Dance Ensemble has turned 20, stepping out of their teenage years and deepening their status as one of the premier Jamaican dance troupes for young dancers. The 20th season of dance will feature guest choreography by Neila Ebanks, Toki Gonzalez  and Dr.

Stella Maris Holds a Revival with 2012 Season of Dance

Andre Hinds and Karen Seymour-Johnson in 'African Night'

The Stella Maris 2012 Season of Dance was in the main solid. The dances were technically proficient and artistically sound. Alas, they didn’t move you much, toward either love or hate, making an interesting, yet largely forgettable night.