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Oliver Samuels

Divorce Papers: Decent Cast, Weak Script

Oliver Samuels and Ruth Ho Shing in Divorce Papers

When I was a child I loved Michigan and Smiley’s ‘Diseases’, and I would happily chant along that Jah should “lick” the transgressors with diseases for their wayward ways.

Oliver Samuels Leads Cast for Basil Dawkins' Divorce Papers

Actor Oliver Samuels and playwright and producer Basil Dawkins

At a cursory glance it seems an unlikely pairing, yet odd-couples have been a hallmark of riotous stories and so it might well be fitting that this Boxing Day, Basil Dawkins will be joining forces with Oliver Samuels when Divorce Papers gets served. Divor

Boy Blue - Amusing

Boy Blue (Oliver Samuels) threatens Bella (Dennis Titus)

After watching my second Ginger Knight play in just a few months, I’m growing  increasingly fond of his skill with the pen.

Oliver Samuels Delivers 'Straight Talk' to Alpha Boys

Oliver Samuels

Veteran actor of the screen and stage Oliver Samuels delivered the inaugural Straight Talk at the Alpha Boys School, Kingston, last Friday morning (January 11).  Samuels gave a short performance for the boys before launching into a motivational speech after which he fielded questions from s