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Oliver Mair

A Moment With Ricky Rowe and Emprezz Golding

Emprezz Golding and Ricky Rowe in Laff It Off

When Oliver Mair’s Laff It Off returned to the boards on Boxing Day 2014 (December 26) more than just a few sketches had been changed.

Laff It Off is Crammed With Laughter

Simone Cooper Clarke and Mark Martin in Laff it Off

Oliver Mair’s musical comedy revue Laff It Off is, in the main, made of pretty funny stuff.

Oliver Mair Returns with the Musical Revue Laff It Off

Writer and producer of Laff It Off, Oliver Mair

It’s been well over a decade, but writer producer Oliver Mair (Dis Ting, 1999 and Tek Dat Ting Mek Laugh, 2000), has dusted off his pen (or key board) and is returning to the Jamaican stage with a new play and he’s bringing with him a few of the ‘unus