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national gallery of jamaica

A Gallery of Her Own: National Gallery of Jamaica Presents Seven Striking Female Artists

Two women examine Jasmine Thomas-Girvan's Grow Wings My Love, Grow Wings

The National Gallery of Jamaica opened Explorations 3: Seven Women Artists last Sunday. The subtitle ‘Seven Women Artists’ is awkward and shambles uncomfortably off the tongue. This discomfiture evident in the very name is deliberate.

National Gallery of Jamaica West Presents Xaymaca

Colin Garland's In the Beautiful Caribbean in the Xaymaca exhibition NGJ West

The National Gallery of Jamaica are invoking Jamaica’s original name Xaymaca (land of wood and water) for new exhibition headed for National Gallery West, the NGJ’s outpost in Montego Bay.

Ebony G Patterson Cops Aaron Matalon Award, Camille Chedda and Kemani Beckford Tie for Dawn Scott Award

Ebony G Patterson (left) Kimani Beckford and Camille Chedda

Ebony G. Patterson copped the prestigious 2014 Aaron Matalon Award, finally snagging the medal which has been eluding her, as she had been nominated for three times.

Jamaica Biennial 2014: Rebranded and Expanded

Cosmo Whyte's Head Boy

The National Gallery of Jamaica has rebranded and expanded its art biennial. By relinquishing the National in the former title and becoming the Jamaica Beinnial, the seminal art event on the island now benefits from international input.

National Gallery Glances Over Its Shoulder with In Retrospect

Ebony G Patterson's Cultural Soliloquy (Cultural Object Revisited)

Regardless of the road you travel, it's usually helpful to cast a glance over the shoulder to see where you are coming from and the road covered thus far.

Anything With Nothing: Street Art Skanks Into National Gallery of Jamaica

Miss Lou's face grace's the bonnet of a car

Jamaican street art skanked into the National Gallery of Jamaica via its latest exhibition Anything With Nothing, a look at the images that have been spattered on the walls of the Kingston’s streets.

Street Art Exhibition 'Anything With Nothing' Headed to National Gallery of Jamaica

Michael Robinson's Selassie & Anthony Brown's 'Janice' photo: Olivia McGilchrist

Kingston’s streets, or at least the art which covers its walls, will be strutting into the National Gallery of Jamaica on Sunday, May 25, 2014, with the opening of the exhibition, ‘Anything with Nothing: Art from the Streets of Urban Jamaica’. 

Religion and Spirituality in Jamaican Art at the National Gallery of Jamaica

Explorations II: Religion and Spirituality at the National Gallery of Jamaica

Jamaica is known for being a country in touch with the spirit, whether it be that which is poured from a bottle, or which comes fourth from the Bible and other sacred texts.

Jamaica Journal Steps Out at the National Gallery of Jamaica

Kim Robinson Walcott editor of the Jamaica Journal

The National Gallery of Jamaica provided a  launching pad for the latest installation of the Jamaica Journal last Sunday. The striking image from Ebony G.

New Roots: 10 Young Artists 'Shoot' Bold Statements at National Gallery of Jamaica

McCarthy's work promises the baring of 'new fruits"

“Put dis pon page 2” declared the graffitied statement on the wall of the National Gallery of Jamaica.