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Mikey Smith

Caribbean Poets Celebrate Mikey Smith

Kei Miller reads from his latest collection of poems

Bocas on Dub: Bocas Literary Fest Shines Light on Dub Poetry

Mikey Smith and Linton Kwesi Johnson

When the 4th installment of the Bocas Literary Festival gets underway on Wednesday April 23, dub poetry will get much of the spotlight, amongst the over 60 events that make up this year’s festival programme. 

'Laaaaawd!' - Poets Resurrect Mikey Smith

Owen 'Blakka' Ellis remembers dub poet Mikey Smith

In every other way, it was an ordinary Tuesday evening. There was nothing unusually spectacular about the gathering of poets for the August edition of the Poetry Society of Jamaica.

Poetry Society of Jamaica 'Resurrects' Mikey Smith

Dub Poet Mikey Smith

The Poetry Society of Jamaica will be engaging in poetic seance as they invoke the voices and memories of poets Blacka Ellis, Mutabaruka, M’Bala, and Tommy Ricketts, director and head of the School of Drama Eugene Williams as well as actress Hilary Nicholson in ‘Resurrecting Mikey Smith’.