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Michael Holgate

Riot Act - A Musical of Historic Proportions

Riot Act explores Tacky's act of revolution

Riot Act is the latest play written and directed by Michael Holgate. The musical was recently staged at the Philip Sherlock Centre by the University Players.

Holgate Holds Fast to Culture

Michael Holgate: A man of many hats

Michael Holgate is a man of many hats.

Blogs and Mirrors: A Flawed Reflection

Michael Holgate's Blogs and Mirrors

Michael Holgate’s musical Blogs and Mirrors, produced by the University Players is an almost fairytale, a modern day retelling of Snow White.  There is much that is smartly done about Blogs and Mirrors and the play is occasionally quite funny, displaying a good s

Lift Up Jamaica - Bouyed by Music and Dance

Onaje Bell - Lift Up Jamaica

The musical Lift Up Jamaica, the combined creative effort of Ashe and Dance Theatre Xaymaca is an energetic production even though the plot occasionally stumbles over the play’s attempts to address the numerous ills of Jamaican society.