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L'Antoinette Stines

L'Acadco Heads to One Love Festival in Japan

L'Acadco A Caribbean Dance Force heads to One Love Festival

L'Acadco A Caribbean Dance Force is getting ready to participate in the 2014 staging of Japan's One Love Reggae Festival.

Drumming & Movement Mark L'Acadco's 30th Anniversary

Hounfor of the Drum choreographed by Dr. L'Antoinette Stines

L’Acadco’s 30th season of dance, Waves of Pearls, is as much a statement on the development of dance in Jamaica as it is about the company itself.

L'Acadco Turns 30

L'Acadco performing Abuzukie

L'Acadco: A United Caribbean Dance Force announced its seniority amongst the continuously expanding Caribbean dance space with the launch of its 30th anniversary, celebrations, marking it as one of Jamaica’s oldest dance troupes.