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When Three's Company: Camille Davis, Sakina Deer and Sharee Elise on Their Adventures in Theatre

The many roles of Sakina Deer, Sharee Elise and Camille Davis

In what seems to be an act of theatrical serendipity three of Jamaica’s most celebrated young actresses, Camille Davis, Sakina Deer and Sharee Elise all stepped on to the Jamaican commercial stage in 2004-2005.

Patrick Brown Returns to School with Saving Alligator High

Saving Alligator High

Award-winning playwright Patrick Brown is returning to the education system with the Jambiz International upcoming comedy Saving Alligator High.

Ladies of the Night Is The Actor Boy Awards' Best Production 2013

Patrick Brown's Ladies of the Night dubbed Best Production 2013

The oldest profession in the world came out on top as the metaphorical curtains came down on the Actor Boy Awards ceremony for 2013. Patrick Brown’s Ladies of the Night sashayed home with the top trophy having been crowned the Best Production of the year.

Hilarious! - Patrick Brown's If There's A Will, There's A Wife

Patrick Brown's If There's A Will There's A Wife

For many reasons, Patrick Brown’s If There’s A Will There’s A Wife shouldn’t be a refreshingly funny play. But it is. Actually, it is downright you-might-just-hurt-yourself-from-laughing funny.

Ladies of the Night - A Hilarious Romp With a Dash of Drama

(l-r) Sharee McDonald-Russell, Keisha Patterson, Camille Davis & Courtney Wilson

Patrick Brown’s Ladies of the Night, currently playing at The Centre Stage Theatre, New Kingston, is a hilarious romp sprinkled with a touch of seriousness, but never enough to disrupt the vibrant humour which drives the play.

Glass Slippaz Struts It's Comedic Stuff

Drizella (Sharee McDonald-Russell) and Punella (Natalee Cole) are garishly fun

Glass Slippaz, the most recent production by Jambiz international is a restaging of their early 2000s hit, Cindy Relisha and the DJ Prince, one of their most hilarious and possibly most successful comedies to date.

Yard 2012 - Tickling the Funny Bone of Jamaican History

The Tainos, the "original yardies" look on at the arrival of Columbus

Kingston, Jamaica: Yard 2012, written and directed by Patrick Brown, is a hilarious take on Jamaican history that rests somewhere between celebration and poking fun at the country during its commemoration of its fiftieth year of independence.