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Jamaican play

Dancehall Highlights Social Strife in Dennis Scott's Dog

Trevor Nairne uses Dancehall as a lens to explore Dennis Scott's Dog

Trevor Nairne’s dancehallesque adaptation of Dennis Scott’s fantastic fable Dog is rife with sweet possibilities.

Glass Slippaz Struts It's Comedic Stuff

Drizella (Sharee McDonald-Russell) and Punella (Natalee Cole) are garishly fun

Glass Slippaz, the most recent production by Jambiz international is a restaging of their early 2000s hit, Cindy Relisha and the DJ Prince, one of their most hilarious and possibly most successful comedies to date.

Edna Manley Uncovers Emotional Treasure in Lyn Nottage’s Ruined

Mama Nadi and Sophie in Lyn Nottage's Ruined

Women are rarely combatants in war yet their bodies are often sites upon which battles are waged.