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Jamaican Dancers

Jamaica Dance Umbrella Celebrates Patsy Ricketts and Clive Thompson

(l-r) Iyun Ashani Harrison, Patsy Ricketts and Clive Thompson

The 2014 installment of the Jamaica Dance Umbrella paid homage to stalwarts of Jamaica’s dance community Clive Thompson and Patsy Ricketts, at the Philip Sherlock Centre for the Creative Arts.

Tamara Thomas Presents 'Overcoming Inertia'

Overcoming Inertia

Choreographer and lecturer Tamara Thomas will be staging her first independent show this weekend when the curtains roll back on Overcoming Inertia’.

Jamaica Dance Umbrella 2013 Unfolds!

NDTC at Jamaica Dance Umbrella 2012

In celebration of their fifth anniversary, the Jamaica Dance Umbrella has brought a lot more events into its shade.

Praise in Dance and Song - NDTC’s Morning of Movement and Dance 2012

NDTC Dancers

The story of Lazarus is one of the most popular tales in the Bible. It illustrates Jesus’ power, grace and majesty. On Easter Sunday, Clive Thompson provided a beautiful translation of that story with ‘Of Love and Sympathy’.