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Ladies of the Night Is The Actor Boy Awards' Best Production 2013

Patrick Brown's Ladies of the Night dubbed Best Production 2013

The oldest profession in the world came out on top as the metaphorical curtains came down on the Actor Boy Awards ceremony for 2013. Patrick Brown’s Ladies of the Night sashayed home with the top trophy having been crowned the Best Production of the year.

Rastafari, Rebellion and the Love of Kush - Jah9 Speaks


Her debut album New Name suggests more than a change of nomenclature, it speaks to a radical shift in a way of seeing the world, providing an official marking of Jah9’s shift from jazz to reggae as she staked her claim as one of the lionesses of the Reggae Revi

"See the Poet Man there!": Edward Baugh on Poetry

Edward Baugh

“The thing I’ve always wanted to be most was a poet,” said Edward Baugh. We are rounding towards the end of our interview regarding the launch of his latest collection Black Sands: New and Selected Poems.

Cafe Blue Irish Town: 20 Minutes & Worlds Away from Kingston

Cafe Blue in Irish Town: 20 minutes & worlds away from Kingston

John* had only been in Jamaica about three hours, but online research before he arrived on the island had told him to head to the hills. There he found more than a great spot for coffee, landing into the midst of friendly banter, a beautiful atmosphere and free wine.

'Earth': Dance, Sculpture, Poetry

Neila Ebanks in 'Earth'

Derek Walcott's poem 'Earth' was transformed with music and live sculpture through the combined artistry of sculptor Toby Grant and the dance and choreography of Neila Ebanks. The two engaged in a six-hour collaboration between the two artists that had passersby slowing down or coming over.

Ladies of the Night - A Hilarious Romp With a Dash of Drama

(l-r) Sharee McDonald-Russell, Keisha Patterson, Camille Davis & Courtney Wilson

Patrick Brown’s Ladies of the Night, currently playing at The Centre Stage Theatre, New Kingston, is a hilarious romp sprinkled with a touch of seriousness, but never enough to disrupt the vibrant humour which drives the play.

New Roots: 10 Young Artists 'Shoot' Bold Statements at National Gallery of Jamaica

McCarthy's work promises the baring of 'new fruits"

“Put dis pon page 2” declared the graffitied statement on the wall of the National Gallery of Jamaica.

Shara McCallum: - On Finding Home and Avoiding Narcissism

Shara McCallum and Kei Miller at the 2012 Bocas Literary Festival

Poetry is often intensely personal business, an intimate dissection of the heart and mind. Yet for Shara McCallum, poetry requires more than the personal. To focus only on the personal, she says, will result in a narcissistic, myopic vision.

New Caribbean Cinema Gets Ready to 'Ring Di Alarm' With New Film

Nile Saulter's Coast from Ring Di Alarm

A new Caribbean film is trying to blaze its own path in London, following in the wake of the trail blazed by Jamaican and other Caribbean athletes at the recently ended 30th Olympiad.

Mr and Mrs Blacke - More Style Than Substance

Keiran King (left) and Keisha Patterson (right) in Mr. and Mrs Blacke

Mr. and Mrs. Blacke written by Keiran King and produced by Eight Seven Six has more to offer in style than in substance. The play is ambitious and strives to be a telling commentary on Jamaica’s upper middle class.