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Ezekel Alan

CaribLit Launches Book Club with Ezekel Alan

CaribLit the Caribbean Literary Action Group

Caribbean publishing industry organization, The Caribbean Literary Action Group (Cariblit) is getting into the reading game. This week the  organization launched a virtual book club to encourage and promote the reading of Caribbean authors.

Ezekel Alan on Writing, Jamaica, and Disposable People

One of the images author Ezekel Alan prefers to use as a 'picture' of himself

Ekezel Alan, author of Disposable People copped the 2013 Regional Award for the Commonwealth Writers Book Prize.

CWW Book Prize 2013 - Regional Winners

EE Sule, Nayomi Munaweera, Lisa O'Donnell and Michael Sala

Disposable People by Ezekel Alan (The Caribbean), Island of a Thousand Mirrors by Nayomi Munaweera (Asia), Sterile Sky by E.E.