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Eight by Ten

8 by 10 Theatre Festival x 3 Nights = 24 Dramatic Treats

Eight by Ten 2013

The sophomore Eight by Ten theatre festival has blossomed and multiplied proffering 24 plays across three nights.

A Hearty Platter of Bite-Sized Plays in Eight by Ten Festival

QUILT performs 'Open, Closed Door'

Though the promised platter of bite-sized plays was short by one, the Philip Sherlock Centre’s offering on the first night of its inaugural Eight By Ten Festival resulted in a hearty meal of diverse and engaging theatre.

Eight by Ten Multiplies into 3-Night Theatre Festival

Keiran KIng and Hilary Nicholson in Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf

Eight by Ten, a night of eight ten minute plays, usually eclectic, diverse and entertaining works that vary markedly from the standard theatrical fare, quickly secured its place as one of the premiere activities of the Kingston on the Edge Festival (KOTE).

Eight by Ten - Diverse and Delightful Theatre

Julene Robinson in 'Me and My White Boy' directed by Nadan Rawlins

Apparently I’m very greedy. So when Eight by Ten 2013 ended, rather than being satisfied at having been served up a wonderful night of diverse theatre, I wanted more. It was a night bouyed by great writing, acting and direction and bite size pieces of daring, diverse, delightful theatre.