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Damion Radcliffe

Anancy Struts into the 'Winners' Circle'

Anancy (Melissa Halliman) is surrounded by the Cat Clan

Anancy Chaptaz: Winners' Circle, written by Sabrena McDonald, is a fun fable with a golden message at its heart.

Anancy Gets Athletic in Winners Circle

Melissa Halliman as Anancy

One of Jamaica’s most celebrated folk heroes, Anancy, is joining forces with the country’s contemporary heroes, our athletes and musicians when Winners Circle, the third installment of the Anancy Chaptaz hits the stage.

Anancy Mines For Gold

Anancy Chaptaz

The last few years have seen a dramatic increase in the number of plays for children. Included in this batch is the Anancy Chaptaz series written and directed by Damion Radcliffe which he co-produces with the Independent Actors Movement.