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Tony Paleface Hendriks Returns to Jamaican Television With 'See It Deh'

Tony 'Paleface' Hendriks and Kathy Grant in the sketch 'Dental Slavery'

Actor, writer and stand-up comedian Tony ‘Paleface’ Hendriks is preparing for a new round of the video light, with the arrival of his television comedy series See It Deh. The show premieres tonight, Sunday, April 3, 2016, on TVJ at 9pm.

Johnny Daley Goes Live

Christopher 'Johnny' Daley

A life of poverty is no laughing matter ... unless you are a comedian, then it makes for hilarious fodder for your routine.

Fun and Joke Aside: Blakka Ellis and Michael Abrahams Explore Serious Side of Comedy

Owen Blakka Ellis and Michael Abrahams for 'Fun and Joke Aside'

The ability to mine humour from the horrible or to use laughter to mask and mitigate pain is a significant part of the Jamaican identity epitomized in the proverbs ‘tek bad tings mek laugh’ and ‘tek kin teet kibba heart bun”.

Owen Blakka Ellis Revels in 'Riddim & Riddles' With New Collection

Ian 'Ity' Ellis and Owen Blakka Ellis at the launch of Riddim and Riddles

What a time to be a Jamaican. Although the country might be failing in many areas, the creative industries are in their prime and have been brewing a cultural paradigm shift that could change the common perspective on Jamaican art.

Comedy Cook-up Anniversary Show Bubbles With Laughter

Trinidadian Rachel Price brings Comedy Cook-up 2013 to a hilarious close

The Christmas Comedy Cookup served up a hilarious stew for its 10th anniversary of stirring the comedic pot, making it Jamaica's longest running stand-up comedy show.

Strong Comedy, A Touch of Music & Weak Magic - Comedytaiment April

Owen 'Blakka' Ellis

Comedytainment returned to Red Bones the Blues Cafe for the April installment of the bi-monthly helping of comedy and a hodgepodge of other entertainment. This month it was a combination of comedy, magic and a smattering of music.

Ity and Fancy Cat Show Promises to go 'Large and Live'

Ity and Fancy Cat

The fifth season of the sketch comedy series The Ity and Fancy Cat Show, featuring the comedy duo Ity and Fancy Cat was launched on Wednesday night at the Fiction Lounge in Kingston.