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Caribbean Plays

'Welcome to America Again'? Caribbean Musical gets Extended Run

The cast of Karl Williams' Welcome to America - A Caribbean Musical

With immigration as one of the hot-button topics currently gripping the United States, the debut of Karl William’s musical Welcome to America - A Caribbean Musical could not have been better timed. And that timing seems to be paying off.

Basil Dawkins' Hot Spot Joins Caribbean Writers Series

Playwright Basil Dawkins signs a copy of Hot Spot for director Yvonne Brewster

The prolific Basil Dawkins has joined the short list of published Jamaican playwrights.

Curtains Rise on Jamaican 2014 Theatre Season

Dahlia Harris' To the Finish tackles drugs in sports

Drugs in sports, a battle for inheritance between siblings, devious women scheming to get their hands on a bumpkin’s new found riches and a search for ... hmmm ... maccafat.

Man Talk: Good Intentions but Problematic Execution

Earl Warner's Man Talk directed by Joan Belfon

Earl Warner’s Man Talk, as the name suggests, is a gathering of men talking - in bars, on cricket pitches, around domino tables, at funerals, in electronics stores and other stereotypical sites of male bonding. It is men talking to men and about men.

Boy Blue - Amusing

Boy Blue (Oliver Samuels) threatens Bella (Dennis Titus)

After watching my second Ginger Knight play in just a few months, I’m growing  increasingly fond of his skill with the pen.

Wine and Roses Stumbles Through Cougar town

Carol (Rosie Murray) and Jonathan (Rosie Murray) in Wine and Roses

The concept of the cougar remains one of those delectable topics that society likes to chew on. Ideas of predatory older women using much younger men to sate their needs, once such a faux pas, are now all over popular culture.