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Basil Dawkins' Hot Spot Joins Caribbean Writers Series

Playwright Basil Dawkins signs a copy of Hot Spot for director Yvonne Brewster

The prolific Basil Dawkins has joined the short list of published Jamaican playwrights.

Divorce Papers: Decent Cast, Weak Script

Oliver Samuels and Ruth Ho Shing in Divorce Papers

When I was a child I loved Michigan and Smiley’s ‘Diseases’, and I would happily chant along that Jah should “lick” the transgressors with diseases for their wayward ways.

Oliver Samuels Leads Cast for Basil Dawkins' Divorce Papers

Actor Oliver Samuels and playwright and producer Basil Dawkins

At a cursory glance it seems an unlikely pairing, yet odd-couples have been a hallmark of riotous stories and so it might well be fitting that this Boxing Day, Basil Dawkins will be joining forces with Oliver Samuels when Divorce Papers gets served. Divor

Basil Dawkins' My God Don't Wear Pajamas

Hilary Nicholson and Jean Paul Menou in Basil Dawkin's My God Don't Wear Pajamas

My God Don’t Wear Pajamas. The moment I heard the name of Basil Dawkin’s latest play, I was intrigued. It was an interesting turn of phrase that I hoped would lead to an inventive and original drama.

Curtains Rise on Jamaican 2014 Theatre Season

Dahlia Harris' To the Finish tackles drugs in sports

Drugs in sports, a battle for inheritance between siblings, devious women scheming to get their hands on a bumpkin’s new found riches and a search for ... hmmm ... maccafat.

The Fourth Time Remains a Charm for Basil Dawkins' Toy Boy

Christorpher McFarlane and Maylynne Lowe in Basil Dawkins' Toy Boy

In its fourth journey to the Jamaican stage, Basil Dawkins’ Toy Boy has been taken over by a new generation of actors and the director and they have handled themselves admirably, presenting an enjoyable take on a Jamaican play that which each staging inches closer to becoming a

Toni-Kay Dawkins on Sitting in the Director's Chair with 'Toy Boy'

Toni-Kay Dawkins talks about her new role as director of Basil Dawkins' Toy Boy

Earlier this week, Susumba sat down for a quick chat with Toni-Kay Dawkins about her directorial debut with the re-staging of Basil Dawkins’ Toy Boy. She talks about the challenges, fears and lessons learnt as she tackled one of her father’s most successful production.

Dangerous Ambitions Misses Its Mark

Sarge (Volier Johnson) and Coach (Christopher McFarlane)

A look at corruption, especially political corruption, is a regular element of the Jamaican stage.

Where is My Father - An Entertaining and Thought Provoking Drama

Nadean Rawlins in Where is My Father

Douglas Prout and Basil Dawkins have teamed up once again, and this time they have come very close to creating magic. Where Is My Father is an energetic gripping drama that is easily one of the must sees of this year’s theatre season.