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Arts Festival

Art, Music and Sunset Bring KOTE 2016 to a Vibrant Close

Kingston on the Edge 2016 closed with Art, music and a haze-filled sunset

Kingston is a seaside city. This is an easy fact to forget, especially as you hopscotch over fetid water and the cracks and crags in the sidewalk.

Michael Shawn Harris Makes a Joyful Noise at the Synagogue

Michael Sean Harris and Friends at the Shaare Shalom Synagogue

Michael Sean Harris and a cadre of young musicians tested the acoustic capacity of the Shaare Shalom Synagogue in Downtown Kingston. Sean Harris rich tones and synagogue’s resounding acoustics were a match made in heaven.

KOTE 2013 Brings 'Renewal'

KOTE 2013: Renewal

Kingston on the Edge, the 2013 edition is ready to roll out.

High 'Five' for Jamaica Dance Umbrella

Steven Cornwall and Lia Chin Yee in 'Consensus'

The fifth annual Jamaica Dance Umbrella closed to the sounds of Jonkunnu as the Ashe Company and Dance Theatre Xaymaca performed the opening suite of the 2012 musical Lift Up Jamaica.

Eight by Ten - Diverse and Delightful Theatre

Julene Robinson in 'Me and My White Boy' directed by Nadan Rawlins

Apparently I’m very greedy. So when Eight by Ten 2013 ended, rather than being satisfied at having been served up a wonderful night of diverse theatre, I wanted more. It was a night bouyed by great writing, acting and direction and bite size pieces of daring, diverse, delightful theatre.