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Art Exhibition

'New Roots': Young Artists Take 'Root' at the National Gallery of Jamaica

Walls of NGJ transformed being by 'new roots' - art by Matthew McCarthy

The writing is on the wall, and not just the Facebook Wall, it is actually being plastered all over the walls of the National Gallery of Jamaica: there is a new breed of artists coming up and they are taking root.

Danielle Boodoo-Fortuné Launches Solo Exhibition

Images from Criatura by Danielle Boodoo-Fortuné

Artist and poet Danielle Boodoo-Fortuné is about to embark on her first solo exhibition. Dubbed Criatura, the exhibition will feature 44 previously unreleased pieces and opens on Saturday, June 29, at the Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago, Federation Park.

'Art It Up' - Children's Art Exhibition 2013

Art' iT

The National Gallery of Jamaica is getting ready to showcase the budding fruits of the artistic labour of participants in its Saturday children’s art programme, Saturday Art Time.

High Grade Love for 'Natural Histories'

Colin Garland's 'In the Beautiful Caribbean'

The acoustic sound of the Skygrass band provided the musical sound track for the opening of the Natural Histories exhibition at the National Gallery of Jamaica, Kingston.

Reflections - Classic Chinese Art at the Olympia

Du Juemin talks to Lu Shaogang (photo by Annie Paul,

Though Jamaica and China are almost worlds apart. Yet time and again art provides a bridge between cultures.

Binary Solved - Word & Sound Art Installation

Binary Solved Art Installation at NLS

Having fuddled the address for the New Local Space (NLS), I reached the first night of Binary Solved, a little later than intended, while driving around the Mountain View area I had been tempted to simply abandon the search and head home instead.

Astro: The Morning Star Exhibition Launched

Astro Saulter receives a gift from the Hon. David Onley, Lt. Gov. of Ontario,

Astro Saulter had his shining moment on Saturday afternoon with the opening of his first exhibition Astro: The Morning Star at Studio 174, in downtown Kingston.