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Sezi's 'Slow Burn' at Redbones


Sezi recently launched her EP, Slow Burn, at Redbones the Blues Cafe, but the small audience who turned out for event had to go through their own slow burn as the event started over an hour and a half late. The singer began her delivery of the four track EP with a Sankrist yoga chant invoking the other aspect of her life.

Slow Burn is produced by Wayne Armond and was recorded at the Tuff Gong Studios. Armond explained that he had met Sezi while working on the film Better Mus Come. He revealed that she was introduced to him as someone he should consider if he were in need of someone whose voice would soar and dip.

The description proved accurate as Sezi's performance displayed strong  melodic vocals. Sezi was accompanied for the acoustic delivery by Kamla Hamilton on keyboards, Robert Malcolm on percussions, Jason Worton on guitar while Jillian Castle provided backup vocals.

"I've been waiting forever to have a presentation of my music," Sezi told the audience after delivering the chant. She then performed the first track from the EP 'Say it Aint So'.

"I always write the best heartbreak songs when I'm in love," she told the audience with a laugh at the end of the song.

From there Sezi moved to a performance of 'I Will Grow' which she explained she that she had written for a friend, and was followed by 'That's All'.

"This one was was written for someone who died, who took flight," Sezi said. "I wrote this song for every body who ever lost somebody, and even if you don't know where they went, you know they're ok"

She ended the performance with 'Million Eyes' which she amped up with a soca-ized ending in tribute to her Trinidadian friends in the audience. ‘Slow Burn’ provded an interesting effort. The songs are reasonably catchy and the melodies engaging.

No date has yet been set for a release date of a full album. However the single 'Say It Ain So' is available for free download.