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Tessanne Chin is The Voice!

Tessanne Performs 'I Have Nothing'

In December 2001 Tessanne Chin opened for Gladys Knight and Patti LaBelle at the Divas in Concert event in Kingston Jamaica, having earned the spot from a local talent competition. On December17, 2013 on the finale of the The Voice Season 5, Tessanne Chin stepped out as a bonafide Diva in her own right having delivered a haunting rendition of Whitney Houston’s ‘I Have Nothing’, decimated Simon and Garfunkel’s ‘Bridge Over Troubled Waters’ the week before with a mind-bending final note.

From the earliest announcement that the singer would be appearing on the Blind Auditions of NBC’s hit television series The Voice, a frenzy had been ignited in Jamaicans and reflected in social media. Her rendition of Pink’s ‘Try’ soon attempted to claim anthem status. By the time of the finale, Jamaicans flocked to bars, each other homes and even the streets of Half Way Tree to commiserate and commemorate what they were sure would be a landmark moment.
Artist Michael Elliott creates a homage to Tessanne by blending her with the Mona Lisa
Indeed, Half Way Tree imitated the scenes which occurred post the victories at the most recent Olympics and World Championships. People danced in the streets, screamed, blew zuzuvelas and bangged anything that would make a sound. The victory had clearly swelled far beyond its significance of a win on a television show, it had become a matter of national pride for Jamaica, the counter balance to the often negative news that shared each victories space on the front page of the island’s major newspapers.

For many her victory had seemed secure as they watched the itunes ratings throughout the day to gauge Tessanne’s standing in the runnings against Jacqui Lee and Will Champlin, the two other finalists. Within hours of the open of voting, ‘I Have Nothing’ had shot to the number 1 position on the iTunes top 400 charts repeating the feats of ‘Bridge Over Troubled Waters’, and by the following morning ‘Let It Be’ (with her coach and Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine), 'Try' and Marley’s ‘Redemption Song’ were all in the top 100.

So 12 years after the start of her journey toward being an internationally recognized singer, with all the charm and grace that had quickly won the interest of all four judges (Levine, Christina Aguilera, Ceelo Greene and Blake Shelton) Tessanne strode off the NBC stage at the end of Season 5 of The Voice having secured the grand prize of a recording contract and the hearts of thousands of Jamaicans and numerous others.