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Lights Off, Music On: Acoustic Concert for Earth Hour 2014 in Kingston

Lights of Kingston from the Blue Mountains

On Saturday night of March 29, for one hour the earth will go dark. Rather than the tagline for a would-be post apocalyptic blockbuster, it is the hope of the organizers of Earth Hour, a global awareness campaign to ensure that the earth is saved from just such an apocalyptic future. Kingston will be joining the campaign for a second year with an acoustic concert featuring  I-Wayne, Roots Underground, Jesse Royal and SkyGrass and others.

The musicians will act as voices striving against the darkness, as The Earth Hour concert attempts to shine a light on environmental issues facing Jamaica and the rest of the world. All Jamaicans are being asked to turn off all non-essential lights at 8:30 pm. Simultaneously, patrons at the Earth Hour concert will release 100 lanterns into the night sky. Additionally, the lights off initiative, is not about encouraging darkness, but rather stating your commitment to do more for the environment.

Earth Hour 2014Interestingly, despite the current battle being waged about the Goat Islands and other environmental issues plaguing the nation, no specific project has been named for Jamaica. However, according to CEO of,the entity behind the staging of Kingston’s Earth Hour Concert, the intention is to bring awareness to national and international issues through one of the island’s greatest vehicles, its music. 

“There are varied climate-oriented issues that are plagued throughout the world and locally that the average Jamaican may not be aware of or just simply turn a blind eye to,” Morrissey says, via an article on the website. “So with our concert we want to present said issues in manner we (Jamacian) relate to”

Issues around the world include attempts to lower deforestation and support biodiversity in the forests of Madagascar by procuring and distributing more energy efficient wood stoves, the 360° Attack on Wildlife Crime in South East Asia as well as support for indigenous communities in the Amazon through the LightsOff Amazon project.

Earth Hour 2014The global Earth Hour initiative is eight years old and has participation in over 7000 countries across the globe. Kingston’s Earth Hour concert is being staged by and will be held at the Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre on Hope Road. 

Other performers at the concert include Blackascole, Charmaine Limonious, Ruth Royes, Cali P and Ikaya.

Entry is free if you have a ticket but $500 if you don’t. The gates open at 6:00 pm and the concert ends at 10:30pm.