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EITS Cafe: A Restaurant in the Mist

EITS Cafe above Irish Town in Jamaica's Blue Mountains

As the road snaked its way into the Blue Mountains and Kingston seemed to be literally falling away, or at least pieces of the mountain road had, I began to wonder if somehow I had missed EITS (Europe in the Summer) Cafe. My fellow passengers assured me that as we hadn’t passed anything that could be called a turn-off since leaving Red Light, Irish Town, we couldn’t have missed it. And finally we got to the restaurant, kotched up on the mountainside and nestled among the lush greenery.

Once you get there, you forget about the road up, which, in truth should be chalked up to a part of the experience. And lets face it, every journey up beyond Gordon Town comes with the promise of a road trip adventure.
Roasted Provolone with Homemade toast
EITS is the eatery for Mount Edge Guesthouse. Despite, my occasional squeamishness about the journey, it hadn’t been my first time to the venue, as I had stayed in the guest house at least twice, during the days of semi-misspent youth when idleness often drew me to the hills.

Since then, the space has been refurbished restaurant now boasting an engaging mix of the chic and the rustic. The charming mountains surrounding the property is an important part of the ambience, because while the food is good, the view is better. I mean yes, ice cream cake and coffee is good, but it’s made so much better when you are enjoying it while watching hummingbirds flit about or seeing the mist descend around you, allowing the venue to take on an almost mystical feel.
Eits Cafe benefits from the charming combo of rustic and chic
The restaurant benefits from helpful, friendly staff. As the longer form of its name suggests, the restaurant’s menu larger features variants of European dishes, but it makes at least a cursory to its local by adding its own version of pan chicken to the menu.

barell roasted chicken served with pan gravy

The truth is, nothing beats pan chicken straight from the streets. However, Cafe EITS represents itself well with the barrel roasted chicken served with herb pan gravy. The meal was also served with the sweet potato croquettes and a medley of vegetables (or the option of parslied rice).

herbed penne pasta

The herbed penne pasta with cream of mushroom sauce (we had it with chicken but there are options for shrimp or shark) was decent. It was visually appealing, but a little too salty for my taste, and otherwise, the flavours of the herbs didn’t pop.  The other menu items were far superior.

roasted herbed leg of lamb with mint jelly

The roasted herb leg of lamb, served with fresh vegetables and sweet potato croquettes was delicious. The lamb was well-done yet juicy. The croquettes was a good dance of flavours while the vegetables were fresh and crisp.

A hibiscus snuggles up to a palm

'monkey business' anyone?

A rustic and chic take on the outhouse

And, though it is not the kind of thing that one usually includes in a restaurant review, even the bathroom is an interesting experience, a delightful take on the outhouse of the country experience. It is literally on the side of the road and separated from the other buildings, but beyond its unassuming door, is a restroom that’s worth mentioning.

Maybe it was the air, but that heart shape of the landscape speaks to me
Cafe EITS boasts a rotating menu, but the thing that never changes is the wonderful scenery. Overall, be it for the food or the flavour of the mountains, Cafe EITS is worth a journey into the mountains, assuming you’re not daunted by the drive.