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Cafe Blue Irish Town: 20 Minutes & Worlds Away from Kingston

Cafe Blue in Irish Town: 20 minutes & worlds away from Kingston

John* had only been in Jamaica about three hours, but online research before he arrived on the island had told him to head to the hills. There he found more than a great spot for coffee, landing into the midst of friendly banter, a beautiful atmosphere and free wine. He had arrived at Cafe Blue just above Irish Town in Jamaica’s Blue Mountains.

This stout flavoured cheesecake gets three yums!Cafe Blue (Irish Town) perches on the hillside an an easy 20 or so minutes above the hustle and bustle of Kingston, yet it feels worlds away having a distinct personality from the Liguanea branch. Of course, that difference is in large part due to the beautiful mountains that make a great backdrop, and the frequent visitations from hummingbirds who come to suckle at the bird-feeder.No there's no coffee in that but the humming birds are frequent visitors

So, John’s experience is unique, but it’s not unexpected. The cafe has a small deck outside (it’s now covered by a tarp so rain is no longer an issue). Because of its intimate setting, it isn’t unusual for parties to come separately and fall into conversation with each other and in that way, even share a bottle of wine that they had brought with them with a perfect stranger.

The cafe proffers a selection of your standard caffeine suspects such as mochaccinos, lattes, cafe mochas et al. And although it isn’t on the menu, you can get a little spirit in your coffee if you ask for it because the delightful haze can come from more than the often descending clouds. So Atmosphere is everything at Cafe Blue Irish Townjust ask for the Cafe Blue Fog.

Along with the range of caffeinated beverages is a selection of pastry including a fabulous stout flavoured cheese-cake that makes your taste buds sit up and take notice.

The experience is rounded out by the fantastic staff. Also if what you want is a full meal, you can order from their neighbours, Krystal Edge (but that restaurant and their janga soup deserve their own story).

With its distinctive combination of charming staff, good coffee, delectable pastry and a wonderful atmosphere, it’s certainly worth the trip up, because there is coffee and more in them there hills.

*Not his real name.