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Bachelor Chef Hawaiian Edition

Nothing says Hawaii like a Kalua Pig - Bachelor Chef Cookout - Hawaii Edition

On Sunday evening, despite brooding clouds The Bachelor Chef Cookout, Hawaiian Edition was underway off Stony Hill Road. Though I don't style myself as a foodie (I believe in simplicity and I'm more akin to the long-belly variety) I do enjoy good food and good food events. The Bachelor Chef Cookouts are orchestrated by Elite Kreations.

The event proffered decent and varied fare and good vibrations the essential elements of a cookout. The thirteen or so dishes on offer, were not what you would call authentic Hawaiian cuisine, but it was "tropical" and there was a roasted pig, which is at least a nod in the right direction. Importantly, the food on offer is certainly worth the spend, so it's a great excuse to not cook on a Sunday evening.

Decor-wise, the cookout has a lot further to go, and not simply because it didn't attempt to evoke a Luau, because any avoidance of cliche's is easily forgiven. However, if one is going with a theme everything about the event should reflect it and decor wise the space was far too generic and occasionally left a lot to be desired.  But of course, if you enjoyed the food, little else matters!

The Bachelor Chef Cook-out Hawaiian Edition in Pictures:

It Takes Two!

Melons and grapes slathered in yogurt

What's a little 'skewer' between friends

Pile it on and dig in!

Candied sweet potatoes and coconut encrusted fish

No they weren't on the menu but... It's mangoes!


Sharing food and a laugh