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Raxann Chin taps into the 'Feminine Goddess' in new clothing line

Roxann Chin (contributed photo)

Raxann Chin is confident that the world of fashion is where she belongs. Having entered its coveted runways when she was a mere girl of 12 and then a student at Mount Alvernia High, she has been on other career paths but never fully diverted from the world of fashion. Chin radiates confidence and confesses that although at the time of the interview she had not slept in 24 hours, she is ecstatic to be in the fashion world.

This year Chin has entered a newFemhecka (contributed photo) segment of the industry as she moves from model to fashion designer. Chin recently premiered a new line of clothing called Femhéka and is one of the designers showcasing in Caribbean Fashion Week (CFW) 2012.

Chin defines Femhéka as clothing whch taps into the inner goddess. Inspired by Grecian aesthetics, with its signature use of coils and twists, Femhecka is designed to be the embodiment of a sophisticated, bohemian chic. Using silk chiffons, charmeuse, light linen and cotton gauzes, the line intends to combine international elegance with a light breezy feel. “Femhéka is about a lifestyle,” Chin said. “When you don the garb you should feel royal and feminine.”

Femhéka is intended to rest on its exclusivity, and Chin plans to distribute through select boutiques as well as through special orders. However, she will also be producing a ready-to-wear line and will cater to every aspect of the wardrobe from the bridal gowns and evening dresses to swimwear. Chin’s interest in swimwear is a natural outgrowth of her own life experiences. She explains that she began to dabble in design while being a “beach bum” in her home town of Montego Bay. The constant demands for new swimwear had her churning out her own designs which eventually led to creating a wider cross-section of clothing.

“I am the perfect example of a person who is fueled by faith,” she said.  She explains that her road in life has taken many paths but she is confident that where she is now, is exactly where she should be. In 1995, after migrating to the United States, Chin landed work with the Detroit news. However her coverage of the financial beat piqued her interest in the financial world and this led her to Wall Street. As she participated in a management training programme held by Merrill Lynch, it seemed the sky was the limit. However, Femhecka (contributed photo)as the recession hit and the US financial world was put into a tailspin, the programme was cancelled and Chin found herself reassessing her life and its direction. So rather than continuing to follow Wall Street’s version of the yellow brick road, she changed course and decided to pursue her passions instead. 

Chin expresses no regrets about her forays in either journalism of finance, as she believes that they have served to strengthen her skills as business woman. “I’m naturally a creative but my background allowed me to get better support for my business,” she said. An untrained designer, Chin believes that her natural inclination is enough. “I feel like I was a designer in some past life,” she says.