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Losing Patience - The Show We've Been Waiting For

Losing Patience - The Show We've Been Waiting For

The new webseries Losing Patience explores the bringle-inducing encounters of Renee Patience. To be bringle is to be irate, impatient, or even angry (sometimes with a small dose of (h)ignorance - ie the loss of all rational thought). The show’s tagline, declares that it’s other people who make life hard - and they do. They really do. 

Written and directed by TEEQS, who shares Executive Producer creds with Justine Henzell, Losing Patience is ultimately destined for life on the web. It, however, made its debut on TVJ which aired the first two episodes on July 1, 2017, and will air the final two on July 8, 2017, at 8:30 pm. The season features four bite-sized episodes that run between approximately 4 minutes and 7 minutes in length. All four become available on the internet on July 9, 2017.

Singer Sevana debuts her acting chops in taking on the title role, bringing charm, intensity and likability to the role. Renee Patience is not an impatient woman, but she does not suffer fools or foolishness, whether it is on a date, at work or from friends. 

The series benefits from a cast of diverse and well-imagined characters, including Desiree (Kimberly Patterson) the self-indulgent selfie-queen who thinks every meal is an Insta-story, Kevin (Ramon Walker) who doesn’t seem to know his cellphone has an off button, and Mrs. Ivelyn Campbell that frustrating civil servant from hell, beautifully portrayed by Carol Lawes.

Losing Patience is a great comedy for the post-Seinfeld generation. The misadventures explored in each episode, are not the ‘nothings’ brought to massive proportions of Seinfeld. But they are about the small things, the tiny irksome, often thoughtless things that other people do, unthinkingly that can make someone else’s life hard. 

Losing Patience is a slow but bright burn, that creates hilarity, as connections with the titular character increases. With each episode, we cannot wait to see how Renee’s bringle will runneth over. The show suffers from a few technical challenges, mainly with sound, but the humour and quality of the rest of the show make up for it, even allowing you to forgive the product placements that are obvious, but not glaring or grimace-inducing.

Ultimately, Losing Patience is a whip-smart comedy is long overdue - especially for those of us who like our wit served straight up. This is the show we've been waiting for.