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iVu TV Unveils a Suite of Programmes in Partnership with Flow

Protoje is the first celebrity featured on mywknd

iVu TV, an online television platform run by of eMedia Interactive has regrouped and returned to the digital media landscape, and this time they’ve brought bigger guns. The outfit, which originally launched in 2012 has teamed up with Flow, Columbus Communications and though might not have declared that there is a new sheriff in town, they are certainly planning to snag a large chunk of the television terrain.

On Tuesday , 10 September, 2013 eMedia and Flow presented their suite of new shows to  potential advertisers. The programmes, four serials and a documentary will air on the iVu TV platform as well as on Flow Tv (formerly Flow 100) starting in the post Heroes Day weekend, 25 October, 2013.
Donavan White, Vice President Marketing and Sales, Flow
Donovan White, Vice President, Marketing and Sales at Flow commended the production quality of the programmes and explained that the new partnership would improve advertiser satisfaction.

“It is important to us that we bring you better quality and better bang for your buck,” White said, going on to describe the shows as above par.

“It’s not the kind of stuff that you will typically see on local television,” he said. “It’s far superior.” White also noted that the partnership will allow them to offer quality, reach and flexibility,

Michael Look Tong, explained that advertisers will have bundled offers on Flow and on line while viewers can watch from Flow or catch up online if they miss an episode. Look Tong explained that by analysing the data captured via their Flow AI technology, which is able to poll set-top boxes directly, they have made the strategic decision to place the shows on the weekend.Tyrone Wilson, CEO of eMedia

The roster of shows include the documentary 50 Years of Entrepreneurship, as well as spin-offs of eMedia ezines my wknd (based on The Wkndr) and Your Money: On the Edge (based on Your Money).

Both magazine type shows will feature a 13 episode season. The first episodes of my wknd will feature Protoje, Warren Weir and Lauren O Lauren. Your Money: On the Edge focuses on young entrepreneurs and turns its lens on ASD Clothing’s Ayanna Dixon in their first episode.

The roster also includes a half-hour dramatic comedy Squaddy, written and directed by eMedia CEO, Tyrone Wilson.

Rachel Osburne, Assistant Vice President of Original Video at eMedia revealed to Susumba that the company is currently working on several new shows wanting to build its roster up to 15 original shows. The second seasons of those being launched in October as well as all new works slated for airing in March 2014. Other proposed shows include the documentary Barrel Culture and the comedy Foodish Love.

Ayanna Dixon of ADS Clothing is to be featured on Your Money: On the Edge"We want to populate our site so that people will always have access with new content," Obourne said, highlighting that allowing audience the flexibility to watch when they wanted was an important strategy.

“That's the way TV is going now,” she said. “It’s going mobile.”

According to Tyrone Wilson adding new content was a critical strategic move to enable iVu TV to grow. He explained that while the initial model had seen the company partnering with content producers, they soon realized that they needed to own new content.

“We realized that in order to build viewers and keep them and build loyalty we needed fresh content,” Wilson said.

It’s a strategy being employed by many in the digital media platform, with providers such as Hulu and NetFlix now turning to producing original content following in the large footprints left by cable giants like HBO, Starz and Showtime.