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Ity and Fancy Cat Show Season 7

Ity and Fancy Cat Show Returns with Season 7

Comedic duo Ity and Fancy Cat are gearing up for another season of laughter with the premiere of the seventh season of the Ity and Fancy Cat Show. The sketch comedy series returns to TVJ on Sunday, October 5, 2014 and producers are promising the return of favourite characters as well as new elements.

The ‘Celebrity Prank’ is one of the new features being touted. The segment will feature  entertainers and business leaders being subjected to practical jokes. A slew of celebrity cameos from sports stars and entertainers are also being promised. 

Show-runners are promising more of the successful formula of parodies, caricatures, and much irreverence that has guaranteed the show it’s Sunday time slot for seven years run. Returning characters include the “helper from hell” Miss Jennifer (played by Kathy Grant) as well as ‘Fine Voice and Dutty Voice’. The segment ‘How Would You React’ also returns while the live-link recordings with studio audiences have been revamped and opportunities for audience interaction are being promised.

Along with the title stars, season 7 of the Ity and Fancy Cat Show will also feature appearances from Rozah Rose, Keniesha Bowes, Oliver Mair, Akeem Mignott, Noel Kerr, Craig McNally, Scarlett Beharie and Wally British.

The new season was launched at the Fiction Fantasy Club last Tuesday with long-running sponsors Lime and Restaurants of Jamaica pledging continued support.