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Cabbie Chronicles Drives On To Prime Time on TVJ

Cabbie Chronicles

The animated series Cabbie Chronicles, which was previously only available on Flow OnDemand is now driving on to free to air television. The show, which has been steadily gaining a following will start showing on TVJ on Friday night at 9:30 pm. 

The Jamaican taxi driver is a very special animal and Alcyone Animations has been trying to capture the adventures of one such taxi driver in their show. Cabbie Chronicles, which is Jamaica’s first animated series has “fluffy” characters and the comedy pokes fun at the Jamaican street life.

Cabbie Chronicles has been making various waves since its inception having won the coveted DEW Best Caribbean Animation award in the Anime Caribe 2010 animation festival in Trinidad and Tobago.

The first six episodes of season one will start airing on TVJ before the show goes on break and will return in November. Season one has 13 episodes. The show’s arrival in prime time television is a welcome addition.

Alison Latchman, series writer and CEO of Alcyone Animations expressed great joy at the jump to free to air television. She explained that while the company was always glad to have the show airing on Flow, from its inception they had wanted it to be seen by all the masses whether or not they have cable. “The whole team is ecstatic about it,” she said. “Now everybody can see the work we’ve done and enjoy it. At least we hope they will enjoy it.”

The responses that they have received so far suggest that Cabbie Chronicles is very likely to find favour with the public.