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The Business of Music: New Behind the Music Tv Series Launched

Seretse Small, Executive Producer and host of The Business of Music

After a short delay inspired by Hurricane Sandy, musician, educator and businessman Seretse Small launched his new television show, The Business of Music at the studio of the Public Broadcasting Corporation Jamaica on Monday evening. The Business of Music has a lofty objective, hoping to become a catalyst for raising Jamaican music industry standards.

"We're hoping that this will raise the bar io the people in the industry so that we can become globally competitive, not just globally aspirant," Small said, explaining that greater understanding of the business side of the industry is required.

CEO of PBCJamaica Keith Campbell"What is happening now is too much delusion,” he said, arguing that the industry is held back by delusions of grandeur. Small explained that while many people are aware that Reggae is a great musical form with international appeal, there is insufficient knowledge of the required business elements to unleash the music. He noted that while many have managed to copy Bob Marley's "look and feel" they have not managed to capture his attitude.

The Business of Music is a talk show aimed at exploring several of the issues in the background of the music industry. The first season tackles radio promotion, producers and production, publicity, management, sex and music and live music as a career. The show will also feature a number of panelists with varying years of experience and expertise including performance, academia, management and production. Panelists include Ibo Cooper, Stephen Newland, Mikey Bennett, Dean Mundy, Cherry Natural, Sonjah Stanley Niaah and Stephen Stewart.

Small, who is the show's host and Executive Producer, explained that it has been a long time in the making.

"I've been pushing this show for about 12 years," he said. He explained that over the years he had been across the gamut of television stations, but it wasn't until he came to PBCJamaica that the show finally found a home. "It's not so much about having massive teams," he said. "It's about having the right people willing to do the right things."

Keith Campbell, Chief Executive Officer of PBCJamaica endorsed the show and said it was the first of much more to come.  “This is going to be a hit, I guarantee you,” he said.

The Business of Music is slated to air on PBCJamaica on Sunday, November 4, at 5:30 pm.