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About Us is a Caribbean arts and culture magazine that taps into the main arteries of Caribbean culture and pumps out dynamic and relevant news, reviews, interviews, videos and features about music, publishing, film, television, visual arts, theatre arts, fashion, design, life and style as well as their intersections with information technology.

So gets beyond the hype and explores events, issues and emerging trends with insight, wit and irreverence where necessary (and sometimes where it’s not). borrows its name from the humble yet potent “bean”, that is considered healthy and spiritually powerful despite the bitter taste, because we believe Caribbean arts and culture deserves serious, analytical and unapologetic criticism and journalism, even if it’s a little hard to swallow.

Culture is one of the greatest unifying factors bridging the ocean that divides the islands in this archipelago, and is dedicated to stimulating and promoting the creative sector.

It might be bitter, but it good fi yuh!