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Musgrave Awards for Professor Baugh and Calabash

Professor Edward Baugh and the Calabash International Literary Festival will be among the 14 recipients of Musgrave Medals this year. Professor Baugh, the notable poet and literary critic is being honoured with a Gold Medal for his eminence in literature while Calabash will receive a Silver Medal for its contribution to literature.

Professor Baugh, author of the poetry collections A Tale from the Rainforest (1988) and It Was the Singing (2000), was appointed public orator of the University of the West Indies (Mona), where he was a lecturer for numerous years. His poems, including ‘The Carpenter’s Complaint’ and ‘Nigger Sweat’ have been widely anthologized.

Calabash International Literary FestivalThe Calabash International Festival was founded in 2001 by author Colin Channer and his two friends author, poet and playwright Kwame Dawes and producer Justine Henzell. The festival which takes place in Treasure Beach, St. Elizabeth has been an annual gathering of some of the most notable names in literature such as Derek Walcott, Michael Ondaajte, Edwidge Dandicat, Geoff Dyer, Earl Lovelace, and Russell Banks. The festival has also held numerous seminars and workshops as well as stimulated publication of Jamaican literature.

The Musgrave Awards, held by the Institute of Jamaica, will take place on October 10, 2012. at the IOJ’s downtown headquarters. The awards recognizes outstanding performance in literature, science and art.

The Poetry Society of Jamaica will be the third awardee being recognized for contribution to literature at the ceremony. The Society will be awarded with a Bronze Musgrave.

In the visual arts, Professor Bryan McFarlane will receive a Silver Musgrave while Ebony G. Patterson will receive a Bronze.

Music will also have three awardees with Emmanuel ‘Rico’ Rodriguez, MBE and the Herbert Morrison High School Band both receiving Silver Musgraves and Dr. Donald Shirley receiving a bronze medal.

Full List of Awardees:

Professor Emeritus Edward Baugh - Literature
Professor Horace Fletcher - Medical Science

The Calabash International Literary Festival - Literature
Emmanuel ‘Rico’ Rodriguez, MBE - Music
Herbert Morrison High School Band - Music
Dr. Pauline Christie - Linguistics
Professor Bryan McFarlane - Art
John Henry Thompson - Science

The Poetry Society of Jamaica - Literature
Dr. Ellen Campbell-Grizzle - Science,
Dr. Donald Shirley - Music
Mrs. Arlene Patricia Ononaiwu - Library Development
Miss Ebony G. Patterson - Art.

Youth Award
Richaydo Farquharson - Entrepreneurship