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Magnus the Mongoose Launched

Alison Latchman author of Magnus the Mongoose

Magnus the Mongoose first made its appearance on the Jamaican children book scene in March of this year, but it wasn’t until a few days ago that it received its official launch/ introduction. So, Magnus and his friends have been official ushered into the growing pantheon of Jamaican characters now available in local bookstores. 

Though plagued by lateness and tech difficulties which both audience and organizers took in light-hearted stride, the launch took place at the Ashanti Oasis restaurant in New Kingston on Saturday, November 28, 2015.

Creator and author of Magnus the Mongoose, Alison Latchman introduced the intimate audience to the characters as well as the upcoming stories planned for the series. The first book in the series Magnus the Mongoose Meets New Friends is currently available in stores.

Latchman also introduced the full creative team behind the series: designer Anieph Latchman and illustrator Marlo Scott. The creative team has also been responsible for the successful animated series Cabbie Chronicles.

The event closed with a performance by Kelissa McDonald and a cameo by Chronixx. Displaying his more playful side, Chronixx joined Alison Latchman for a rendition of the Magnus the Mongoose theme song, which is based on the folk song ‘Sly Mongoose’.