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JN Resolution Project Coffee Table Book Launched

Mikhail Henry (l) and Earl Jarrett (r) at the launch of Take A Look at My World

A shower of rain as darkness fell on Kingston did nothing to dampen the high spirits celebrating the arrival of Take A Look At My World, the coffee table top book showcasing images from the JN Resolution Project. The launch took place on the back verandah of Devon House, where it had been quickly ushered when the downpour forced it from the original East Lawn venue.

“What this books shows is that young people in Jamaica are award of the world around them and what they want to change and what they want to preserve,” said Saffrey Brown, general manager of the Jamaica National Building Society Foundation. 

Saffrey Brown General Manager of JN Foundation“We’re not letting this project out of our grasp,”  Brown continued, pointing out that the project had evolved as the participants aged to facilitate extended participation. As a result, the Resolution Project has featured young photographers who started in their earliest years of high school and are now in college.

 “It’s contemporary Jamaican images from a young person’s perspective.” said Stuart Reeves, photographer and trainer with The Resolution Project. Reeves laughingly told the audience that book was a clear sign that the project, now in it’s 11th year, had passed its GSAT. Reeves gave a brief history of the project, highlighting that the images were delivered using a point and shoot camera. Professional photographers including Ray Chen (background), Jeremy Francis and Donnette Ingrid Zacca

The Resolution Project is an annual photography competition targeting rural schools in Jamaica and is the brainchild of Earl Jarrett, general manager of the Jamaica National Building Society, and has been lauded as a means of providing youth with a skill and a creative outlet, but also promoting advocacy through photography.

Jarrett spoke to the potential photography as an income earner as we live in a landscape where stock photos as well as iconic images can attract lucrative income.

“There is space for Jamaica to embrace its economic outcome,” said Jarrett who beamed with pride at the results of the project. 

“It teaches you life lessons,” said Mikhail Henry, one of the most successful participants emerging from the Resolution Project. “Not only taking photographs but how to use it to help others.” Henry explained that through the project he had gained much professional experience and reaped numerous rewards, emotionally and financially.

Take a Look at My World was launched on Tuesday, December 9, 2014 at Devon House in Kingston.