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Four Caribbean Writers Make Commonwealth Short Story Shortlist 2013

Commonwealth Writers Short Story Shortlist 2013

Four Caribbean writers have been shortlisted for the 2013 Commonwealth Writers Short Story Prize. The regional finalists for the prestigious literary competition hail from Trinidad and Tobago and The Bahamas. Interestingly, this year’s shortlist has been dominated by female writers. None of the Caribbean writers are male and there are only a total of six male writers shortlisted.

Trinidad and Tobago’s Barbara Jenkins ('A Good Friday') and Sharon Millar ('The Whale House') as well as Bahamians Janice Lynn ('Mango Summer') and A. L. Major ('Antonya’s Baby Shower on Camperdown Road') are the finalists from the Caribbean region.

‘A Killing in the Sun’ by Dilman Dila (Uganda), ‘No War is Worth Debating’ by Tobenna Nwosu (Nigeria), ‘Take Me Home United Road’ by Sally-Ann Partridge (South Africa), ‘The New Customers’ by Julian Jackson (South Africa) and ‘Fatima Saleh’ by Alexander Ikawah (Kenya) are the five entries from Africa.

Three stories from New Zealand and two from Australia are vying for the Pacific regional prize. Shortlisted stories hailing from that region are ‘Not for Publication’ by Rachel Bush (New Zealand), ‘Things With Faces’ by Zoe Maeger (New Zealand), Deborah Rogers’ ‘Tug of War’ (New Zealand),  ‘Mortal Sins’ by Sinead Roarty (Australia) and ‘Raven' by Tom Williams (Australia).

Anushaka Jasraj’s ‘Notes from the Ruins’ (India), and Michael Mendis’ ‘The Sarong-Man in the Old House, and An Incubus for a Rainy Night’ (Sri Lanka) are the stories in contention for the regional prize for Asia.

Three stories were shortlisted from Canada and Europe. ’We Walked on Water’ by Eliza Robertson is the sole shortlisted story from Canada, while ‘Normal’ by Susan Everett (UK) and Chutney by Debz Hobbs-Wyatt (UK) are the other stories from the region.

The Nineteen finalists will be vying for the regional prize of £1,000  and overall prize of £5,000.  The prizes will be announced in May, 2013.