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Anything With Nothing: Street Art Skanks Into National Gallery of Jamaica

Miss Lou's face grace's the bonnet of a car

Jamaican street art skanked into the National Gallery of Jamaica via its latest exhibition Anything With Nothing, a look at the images that have been spattered on the walls of the Kingston’s streets.

Street Art Exhibition 'Anything With Nothing' Headed to National Gallery of Jamaica

Michael Robinson's Selassie & Anthony Brown's 'Janice' photo: Olivia McGilchrist

Kingston’s streets, or at least the art which covers its walls, will be strutting into the National Gallery of Jamaica on Sunday, May 25, 2014, with the opening of the exhibition, ‘Anything with Nothing: Art from the Streets of Urban Jamaica’. 

Japan Kingdom of Characters Lands in Jamaica

Japan: Kingdom of Characters exhibition

The travelling exhibition Japan: Kingdom of Characters recently opened at the National Gallery of Jamaica. If one is not overly au fait with Japanese manga and anime, at first glance, the exhibition is more than a little bewildering.

Canopy Guild at NLS

Canopy Guild at NLS

Canopy Guild, the collaborative output of seven artists in different fields of the visual landscape opened at the New Local Space (NLS). The brain child of Trinidadian artist Rodell Warner, the 2014 summer artist-in-Residence at NLS, Canopy Guild is certainly ambitious in scope.

Religion and Spirituality in Jamaican Art at the National Gallery of Jamaica

Explorations II: Religion and Spirituality at the National Gallery of Jamaica

Jamaica is known for being a country in touch with the spirit, whether it be that which is poured from a bottle, or which comes fourth from the Bible and other sacred texts.

Rodell Warner is NLS Artist in Residence 2014

Rodell Warner's images: projections and paintings

Trinidadian new media artist Rodell Warner is the summer 2014 artist in residence at the New Local Space, NLS, in Kingston.

Matthew McCarthy: Visualizing the Reggae Revival

Matthew McCarthy

Chronixx, Protoje, Jah 9, Kabaka Pyramid, Raging Fire and Nomaddz are hailed as the voices of the Reggae Revival. But there is also a visual arm, declared in the works of Matthew McCarthy and his New Jamaica Collective, who use a style built on the urbanized ethos of graffiti.

Olivia McGilchrist Talks Art, Artistry and Inspiration

Audiences enjoy the mysticism of McGhilchrist's 'Native Girl' in New Roots

Olivia McGilchrist returned to the island of her birth, Jamaica, in 2011 and since then her pursuit of an understanding of her identity has graffitied itself onto the Jamaican artistic landscape to great acclaim.

UTech Centre for the Arts Launches Creative Edge Exhibition Series

The Creative Edge exhibition opened at the UTech Centre for the Arts recently

The Centre for the Arts at the University of Technology launched its Creative Edge exhibition series on Thursday night, September 26, 2013. The exhibition features works by 13 emerging and established artists and artisans.

UTech Centre for the Arts Unsheaths 'Creative Edge'

Utech Centre for the Arts

The University of Technology, through its Centre for the Arts, is getting ready to unsheathe its creative side with the inaugural staging of Creative Edge.