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Lagan Opens at NLS

Lagan featuring new works by Wilmer Wilson IV opened at NLS on Aug 10

The term lagan refers to cargo thrown into the sea with expectations of retrieval. Borrowing from that concept, interdisciplinary artist Wilmer Wilson IV has been exploring Kingston’s flotsam and jetsam, not from the sea, but rather the sea of flyers to be found across the city. These have been juxtaposed with flyers from Wilson’s current home, Washington DC.

Lagan opened at the NLS experimental visual art space on, Mountain View Avenue, on Saturday, August 10 at 7:00pm. Lagan results from a two month residency. Wilson is a graduate of Howard University and has show work a the Cocoran Gallery of Art and the Museum of Contemporary African Diaspora. In 2012 he was commissioned to complete Henry Box Brown: FOREVER, a suite of three public performances.

Below are images from Lagan:

Combining flyers and found wood

Waves of staples, usually left behind in the wake of fallen flyers, tell their own story

Wilson and NLS founder Deborah Anzinger