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Explorations III - Five Women Artists on Their Art

Four Women Artists: Explorations III Artist Talk

To close off the Explorations III: Seven Women Artists exhibition which is now facing its final few days, the National Gallery of Jamaica created an ‘Artist Talk’, allowing five of the seven women to share the ideas and motivations behind their eloquent works, as well as provide a bit of insight into their artistic process. 

What was particularly intriguing was that, although their position as women factor clearly in their art, they were in no way trying to produce that nebulous thing called ‘women’s art’ but were simply producing work that spoke to them.

These five artists, Miriam Hinds Smith, Prudence Lovell, Amy Laskin, Berette Macaulay and Kereina Chang Fatt all approach their art from divergent yet interesting spaces.

And though the morning’s talk was nowhere as stimulating and exciting as the work which make up Explorations III, each woman had something engaging to say about their art and or artistry.

A few of these gems have been culled and presented below:

Miriam Hinds Smith on Art as a form of dialogue: 

“I see myself as someone who has something to say and would like to bring others into a conversation... I see these through multiple levels as a daughter, wife and mother.”

Miriam Hinds Smith - Requiem for Souls

Prudence Lovell on process and style: 

“I wanted to put more of myself in my work.”

“Drawing for me is not just plans and preparation. It can be ‘the thing’.”

Prudence Lovell

Amy Laskin on art as message and method:

“I wanted to blur the lines between humanity and nature... I made humanity a vessel for nature.”

Amy Laskin

Berette Macaulay on the relationship between art and truth:

“I didn’t want to report the truth. I wanted to unearth truth or create truth.”

Berette Macaulay

Kereina Chang Fatt on art, the artist and perception:

“I don’t think of myself as a female artist. Sometimes I question whether I’m an artist at all.”

The art of Kereina Chang Fatt

Explorations III: The Artist Talk was held at the National Gallery of Jamaica, downtown Kingston, on Sunday, July 26, 2015. The exhibition closes on August 8, 2015.