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Binary Solved - Word & Sound Art Installation

Binary Solved Art Installation at NLS

Having fuddled the address for the New Local Space (NLS), I reached the first night of Binary Solved, a little later than intended, while driving around the Mountain View area I had been tempted to simply abandon the search and head home instead. However, once I arrived at the venue I was glad to have stuck it through.

The sound of the Kumina drums rang out of the mountain view venue as I entered. Binary Solved, is a two night experimental installation with that combines the creativity of sound performance artist DJ Afifa Aza and visual artist Rodell Warner. The installation was an experiment in the marriage of image and sound.

DJ Afifa controlls the music while LSX reads at Binary SolvedBinary Solved presents another indication of the willingness of the current crop of arts to break from the establishment and experiment with form and content. Additionally, it also speaks to the possibilities of regional collaboration. Warner is a visiting Trinidadian artist while Aza is Jamaican.

The sound elements of Friday night’s version of the installation included drumming, poetry by LSX and ‘music’ as selected by Aza. These were then blended with the images being projected on to white sheets which fluttered in the light evening breeze, their movement being integrated into the installation. It was therefore an intriguing blend of recorded sound, live sound and recorded images all paced to compliment each other. A touch of movement was also added through dance provided by Simone Harris.Rodell Warner paces the visuals at Binary Solved

The audience were also a part of the work and were asked to wear black (functioning as the figure for the art work) on Friday night and white (representing the ground) for the second part of the installation on Saturday night. The audience then become an important part of the installation as they weave through the performance ground or even sit amidst the fluttering sheets.

Binary Solved is the result of a 48 hour residency by both artists, facilitated by NLS which is a non-profit visual art initiative. NLS facilitates artist residencies, curated exhibitions, artist talks and studio visits. The space encourages collaboration and focuses on experimentation. The installation, is an intriguing indication of the potential impact that the space can have on futher stimulating the Caribbean's visual arts landscape.

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