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UTech Centre for the Arts Launches Creative Edge Exhibition Series

The Creative Edge exhibition opened at the UTech Centre for the Arts recently

The Centre for the Arts at the University of Technology launched its Creative Edge exhibition series on Thursday night, September 26, 2013. The exhibition features works by 13 emerging and established artists and artisans. The result is an eclectic range of items ranging from lamp shades to paintings, mix media, and fashion.

During his address at the opening, Cecil Cooper lamented Jamaica’s continued inability celebrate out iconic characters. In particularly in pointed to the works of AD Scott, whose hopes for the transformation of Papine into a thriving university town buzzing with artistic spaces, cafes never materialized.

"We're still struggling to pay homage to the people who created that legacy that we have built on and are so much enjoying today,” Cooper said.

Cecil CooperCooper noted that the work of pioneering artists such as Karl Parboosingh and Barrington Watson resulted in an art explosion whose effects are still rippling across the Jamaican art world.  Currently, he said, there is a “changing of the guard” as several of Jamaica’s iconic artists have died in the past decade.

"There is a legacy that all you wonderful young people are privileged to be a part of," Cooper said. "It's no accident that we have performed so well in athletics. We have a long tradition in athletics. And the same is true for the arts."

Colin Porter of the JBDC remarked on the transformation that the University had gone under since his time there as a student.

"It really is endearing to see the transformation that it has gone through from the a college to a full fledge university and one which uses technology and the arts,” Porter said.  This marriage is represented by the Centre for the Arts which could easily be described as the hub of artistic activity at the university.Several of the Artists in the Creative Edge exhibition

The artists will exhibit their works individually with Etoh opening the exhibition and followed by Pamela Hunt-Bromfield. Other artists in the exhibition include: Jill Becker, Warren Buckle, Brenton and Eugene Campbell, Garfield Morgan, and Anne-Teresa Birthwright as well as six students from the university.

Dr. Janice Lindsay, Director of the Centre for the Arts, noted that while she encourages the enjoyment of the art on display, she hopes that patrons will buy the pieces as well.

The Creative Edge exhibition continues through to November 22, 2013.