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National Museum Jamaica Seeks Bustles, Batty Riders and Everything in Between

The inimitable batty rider as worn in L'Acado's exploration Dancehall culture

The National Museum Jamaica (NMJ) has issued a call for bustles, batty riders and everything in between. The museum is seeking garments as a part of an upcoming exhibition, Bustle to Batty Rider which is slated to take place at next year and will explore fashion, language, class and identity in modern Jamaica.

Bustle to Batty Rider goes under the ideas of clothing as mere fashion and instead explores its use as a symbol of identity, and power. The exhibition will open in February, though the exact date of the exhibition has not yet been released. Dr. Jonathan Greenland, head of NMJ is promising great excitement from an exhibition  

“This exhibition will be educational, entertaining, complicated, noisy and edgy,” Dr. Greenland said. “Using video projectors, clothing and jewellery, intimate apparel, hats, photography and magazines, we will enable our visitors to understand how Jamaican women have navigated the past century and a half in their own inimitable way,” Dr. Greenland explained.

Dr. Greenland noted, that the exhibition will also pay keen attention to fashion icons as well as Jamaican female dressmakers, textile artists and fashion designers as it explores women’s contribution to nationhood.

The NMJ is seeking clothing and other articles of adornment to be loaned to the museum; video interviews exploring clothing and identity; photographs of people at different stages in life, highlighting what fashion says about them during that period.